The M2Pro is 100% our passion project.

    Together with our great and dedicated team, we are burning for the revolution of table culture through the M2Pro.

    The M2Pro team

    These are our revolutionaries of table culture

    A vision becomes reality

    How it all started

    The story of the M2Pro began a few years ago at the table of our favorite Italian with Tobias, our pizza-crazy technology freak. As a pragmatic idealist, he was always annoyed in the restaurant that the knives for cutting his crispy pizza were never sharp enough there. This often meant that during the awkward cutting maneuver either the topping or even the entire pizza became independent from the plate and found itself on the tablecloth, sometimes on the floor or even the plate of the other person. But Tobias didn't want to simply eat his pizza roughly with his hands and constantly have to reach for the Merlot glass with his greasy fingers.

    We are all convinced that soon, no home or restaurant will be without our M2Pro.



    Eventually, Tobias had a moment of inspiration. What worked for pre-slicing the pizza on a larger scale must also be possible on a smaller scale as an alternative to a knife. And that’s how, from that first vision, a concrete idea was born – and eventually, an initial sample. Over many years at our favorite Italian restaurant, we and visitors to the restaurant have relentlessly put the M2Pro to the ultimate test, enabling us to continually develop the pizza cutter. Following intensive optimization of the prototype and the final perfecting of the design, the product development stage is finally complete. 


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